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Our “Pro-Turf-Gro” mix is our signature soil blend. A premium lawn mix consisting of 40% native soil, 20% peat, 20% sand, and 20% compost which makes our “Pro-Turf-Gro” one of the finest bulk soils available on the market!
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Our compost products are made from local organic farm waste and can be used in almost all applications to improve water holding capacity, soil structure and microbe communities. Our products range in price and specification to fit your needs.
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Our "Super Grow" soil blend is dynamite for raised bed gardens, container gardens, or front or back yard gardens. Whether you have indoor plants or you are responsible for an enormous community garden, you will not find a more deluxe topsoil in the Pacific Northwest. Commonly planted items include: tomato, bean, corn, berry, pea, spinach, lettuce, and virtually any fruit or vegetable capable of growth in our geographical region.
No one in the lower mainland has the 1,000,000+ cubic meters of topsoil feed stock or the amount of processing/blending and delivery equipment we have so it does not matter if your project is big or small we can handle all your needs including ontime delivery right to your jobsite.
"Pro-Turf -Gro" Blend
Generally the topsoil layer should not be any deeper than 2-4 inches. It's a blend of humus (decaying organic material) with other soil feed stocks that will produce a healthy root structure for both trees and plants. Top soil is vital because plants get the majority of their nutrients from it and the plants roots are always concentrated within it. If you are trying to grow healthy vibrant green turf or grass seed, a high quality top-soil base is a necessity.

At Pineland, we screen our base material to eliminate rocks and other items larger than 12mm and then we blend peat, sand, compost, manure, and other ingredients to get the perfect nutrient, aeration, mineral concentration and pH levels. This produces a rich dark looking soil that grass, trees, and plants absolutely love to grow in. Our soil's are "Quality Controlled" for consistency so they look, feels and work the same whenever you order the same product. You can rely on us to provide you with a superior quality topsoil every time.
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Soil is a mixture of water, air, and inorganic and organic matter that provides nutrients and minerals to plant life. The function of soil remains the same: to support the essential ingredients that plants needs to grow. Top-soil is made up of specifically designed blends of materials to ensure they meets the required use for thier intended purposes. Top-soil generally is a loose fertile layer that covers the ground 2-4 inches thick and is composed of the heaviest concentration of balanced microorganisms, nutrients and organic matter. We can also blend in the right quantities of NPK ( for the desired plant life grown.

Grass, plants, and trees will only do well in specifically designed top soil's. Most topsoil's look like dirt, sand, small stones, and in some cases wood chips for aerations purposes. Wood chips, and in particular Cedar woodchips, retard growth of all plant life. We don't use woodchips at all, we use naturally decaying peat for aeration purposes from our Pineland Peat property so this makes our top soil a premium product against any other supplier.
Super Grow Blend
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Our Topsoil builds a very healthy root system
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